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Connecting Architects 

Firsthand perspectives from groundbreaking architects

Are you a residential architect guilty of these marketing mistakes?

Architects probably get 70 to 80 percent of their business from referrals and word of mouth. But here’s the problem: they do nothing in particular to get these referrals. 

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Darla Kurtz Exemplifies Insightful Principles of Architecture

Designs have the power to transport us to places where our dreams can flourish and take flight. 

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Jaque Bethki: Navigating the Challenges of Modern Architecture

Shortage of talent, complex regulations, skilled labor gap, and the need for diligence

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Building dreams, leading change architecture through female leadership with Christine Lampert 

In our recent collaborative endeavor, we were fortunate to partner with Christine Shampert, an esteemed architect and designer whose remarkable vision and innovative outlook brought a breath of fresh air to the project. 

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Say goodbye to Chasing Owners for Termination Fees on Owner Architect Contracts

After an owner pulls out of a project, most architects have two choices. Give up and write it off, or hound the owner for a termination fee and fight it out. Not Mark Elster. After using the AIA’s concept for termination fees for the first half of his 35-year career, he realized  he needed to change the process.

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Exploring Arizona's Architecture Hurdles: Insights from Architect Nicholas Tsontakis, AIA, Lead Architect and Owner of Dwellboldy

Nicholas Tsontakis founded Dwell Boldly in November of 2015 to contribute to the rich architectural history of Phoenix and its surrounding cities. He is a second generation architect with contemporary architecture flowing through his veins.

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The regulatory quagmire: Exposing the neglected truths of the architecture landscape

Architects are vital in bringing their clients' visions to life while taking into account various factors such as style, site context, and individual needs. Nonetheless, this profession entails its fair share of difficulties.

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